A growing economy like India continually witnesses multifarious dynamic forces interacting with each other. The interactions produce positive results most of the times, but at the same time there are instances when the intersections give rise to disputes which in turn, disrupt the momentum of growth.

We, at S&A Law Offices, while representing our clients often witness such disputes, which can be avoided by having transparency and clarity in the procedures be it dealing with internal or external issues by a client. As legal advisors, it remains our endeavour to find appropriate dispute resolution options (and not necessarily litigation), which shall not only lessen the friction amongst parties but also aid in the swift progression for success of our clients’ ventures and eventually aid economic growth.

Backed by almost 15 years of extensive experience as Dispute Resolution Experts, we have realised that more than half of the disputes could have been avoided by a client with a little more awareness, knowledge of pitfalls, modes to avoid them, and timely pre-emptive actions..

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